09/11/05 - A bunch of new movies online! A new trailer too!    The creepiest toothpaste commercial ever


The movies section of the site has finally been updated! Almost a year's worth of movies have been added to the list, and a trailer for a forthcoming movie is online too. PrNgrPhY is a 16mm film editing project, SDFGH is a minute-long creepy dream thing, and 168:00:00.00 is a week-long journal-type piece. All three are now viewable via the links on the right. Also, a trailer for a new movie is viewable too - Self(Indulgence), which pretty much lives up to the title. Check them all out...

Watch Self(Indulgence) [trailer] .mov [4.70MB] | Watch 168:00:00.00 .mov [7.40MB]
Watch SDFGH .mov [6.40MB] | Watch PrNgrPhY .mov [11.40MB]

  09/10/05 - Avalanche now viewable online + other NWFC projects    Avalanche: an RPS story


The results are in from the Filmerica 72 hour challenge, and Avalanche brought home the best comedy award! Also selected as one of the top 25 entries, the movie is now streaming on the Filmerica site. You have to register, unfortunately, but at least its free. In other NWFC student project news, Alan helped out on another student film, Obvious Puns Aside. He helped out recording the sound, and hopefully in the meantime some pictures will appear. As for Neptune Films, they have just released a collection of early Super-8 films on DVD. Alan helped out on some titles and effects type things in preparing the movies for DVD. Links below...

View Avalanche on the Filmerica site
More information on Neptune Films

  09/09/05 - Alan helps create DIService    


Nothing can stop Alan from climbing up on someone's car, apparently. Heh. A few weekends back, he pitched in on Nelson Entertainment's entry in the 48 hour film festival. A mockumentary about a SWAT team that can be called in to stop unwanted sexual advances, DIService screened twice at the Hollywood Theatre here in Portland, and made the top 10! It also won for 'best use of the required line of dialogue'. Part of the rules. Anyway, check out the Nelson Entertainment site for more pictures from the shoot...

More information on Nelson Entertainment

  09/08/05 - Three Always commercials online    Sleepy-time pad.


All six of the Always commercials that Alan worked on for Bent Image Lab continue to broadcast all over the place, and now three of them are viewable online. The smiling pad, the breathing pad, and the blanket pad, all viewable on the Always site. Hopefully the other three will appear eventually, or higher-quality ones will show up on the Bent site. Until then... enjoy!

View the commercials on the Always site
More information on Bent Image Lab

  07/30/05 - Jedi part 6 reshoots and pickups complete!  Jedi GQ


Finally. After a year of pickups that included multiple returns to Fort Stevens and other ports of call, the reshoot and pickup process for The Jedi part 6 came to a close in front of a big blue screen. The scene designed and written by Warren was finally shot, and will be quite the special effects challenge to pull off. Speaking of which, the special effects work continues, and the audio is getting underway. It'll get done someday... In the meantime, here's a mildly disturbing bonus pic from the shoot.

Production stills:
Picture set 1 | Picture set 2 | Picture set 3 | Picture set 4 | Picture set 5

Behind the scenes pictures:
Forest shoot | Snow shoot | Desert shoots


  07/21/05 - Super Atomic TV... is still on the air!    


Super Atomic TV keeps rolling along! The first season is a couple episodes away from coming to a close. Alan has taken over full editorial duties on the show as well. The 10th episode makes its premiere on Saturday July 30th at 11:30 PM and will rerun the following Friday at 11. The SATV site has been expanded too, with an episode guide and continued opportunity to win prizes! Go sign up, or watch the show, or both!

More information on Super Atomic TV

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