TRT: 1:43
TMR: 7

This one is an exploration of dream imagery. Groundbraking stuff. Heh. Asked to compile a list of images from recurring dreams, Alan came across a couple decent ones. He thought back to the mid-90s, when he used to have two seperate recurring dreams, one involving a good deal of violence, the other involving teeth. He combined the two, and this is the end result. Features a score written and performed by Kuen.

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    2007 Endangered Film Festival
         ·Festival Selection
    2006 Mid-Valley Video Festival
         ·Festival Selection


    I'm actually pretty pleased with this one. Not bad for a few hours' work. Got all the imagery across that I was going for. And it seems to have a nice effect on folks who watch it. A lot of people havve dreams about teeth too, apparently.
    -Alan Winston

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