TRT: 4:04
Experimental / Music Video
TMR: 16

This is a 'found footage' editing project, produced on 16mm film with a dual mag-film soundtrack. Alan was given ten films to pick and choose from, and put together this piece. The movies put upon the chopping block included Rikki Tikki Tavi and a curious one called 'Frog Goes to Dinner'. Alan ended up cutting to the song Pornography by Client, and created an exploration of sorts of the way such imagery can be interpreted. The normally-begnign clips are altered through the cutting, frame-by-frame scratching and drawing on the film, and a technique Alan attempted to developed that involved running strips of film through a printer.

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    2007 Endangered Film Festival
         ·Festival Selection
    2006 Mid-Valley Video Festival
         ·Top Music Video
         ·Touring Selection
         ·Festival Selection


    I put this one off almost the entire term... I really had no idea what to make out of the movies we were given to edit. A couple were completely silly, and most were rather boring talking-head type pieces. So, finding a set of images that I could make any sort of connection with was pretty difficult. But once I thought up some ways to alter said footage, both to fit the concept better and to create more of a sense of motion within each individual shot, I actually started to enjoy working on it. I'm happy with the results, bizarre as they might be.
    -Alan Winston

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