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Needing a ride to the 'TRU System' to 'rescue the princess', the Jedi again propositions the bystander he met in part 2. Naturally, she turns him down, and he's forced to walk. He meets a smuggler, Derek Wilson, pilot of the 'Penal Colony Pugeot', but they're caught by a bounty hunter and forced to flee. What follows is a memorable chase sequence featuring Gerald Kellerman riding on the top of a car. They escape the bounty hunter, if only temporarily, and make it to the TRU system - AKA a Toys R Us. But the bounty hunter is already there, and ready for a confrontation.

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    2002 deadCENTER Film Festival
         ·Festival Selection
    1999 Western Colorado Amateur Video Festival
         ·Festival Selection

    1998 Wookiee Awards
         ·Sketch of the Year
         ·Best Actor - Andrew Link
         ·Best Actor - Alan Winston
         ·Best Director - Alan Winston
         ·FX/Stunt Sequence of the Year - The Car Chase
         ·Blooper of the Year - The Penal Colony Pugeot takes off without Alan


    For starters, we were only going about 25-30 miles an hour when we shot the chase scene, which I guess was enough to seriously injure me, but not that dangerous. That said, I still really enjoy this movie, if for no other reason than the stunt. Andrew's perfomance is good, but otherwise, this one's pretty much an excuse for me to do a stunt from on top of a moving car. It was probably the most popular installment of the series until part 5 came along, and still one of the most memorable.
    -Alan Winston

  • Amazingly enough, while doing our most dangerous stunt ever, no one got hurt at all. So, no disasters, which is worth noting. Actually, shooting the scene in the woods, the crew had to sneak onto Jason's property because he wasn't home to let them in. Alan managed to shock himself on the electric fence while helping everyone else get in. And that's about it.
  • There was also something that happened while shooting in the Toys R Us parking lot. Without having asked for permission, naturally. Anyway, seconds after we finished shooting the scene and were driving away, the cops showed up and checked out the area we were taping in. A narrow escape, possibly...

  • Originally, Jason Pape was cast in the role of the smuggler, and was even pictured in a Delusions of Grandeur newspaper ad in the costume. We attempted to shoot the video during the winter, with Alan's character riding in the back of Jason's truck, but it was too rainy to continue. In the spring we attempted the movie again, with Andrew taking over the role.

  • The car chase

    Springing into action

    Derek Wilson

    The Bounty Hunter

    The princess is rescued

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