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The Jedi takes an apprentice in the beginning of this one. Finias Pokewicz is his name, and Gerald attempts to train him. Unfortunately, it doesn't go too well, and Gerald has to look to the Jedi Master who trained him. They travel to meet the down-home talkin' swamp-dwelling Murray J. Bandameer, and unforunately a big fight breaks out. It turns out the dark Jedi masters have tracked them and intend to rid the world of Murray. Yes, this one's a comedy too. As you might imagine, a large lightsaber battle breaks out, the best part of the movie.

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    2002 deadCENTER Film Festival
         ·Festival Selection
    1999 Western Colorado Amateur Video Festival
         ·Festival Selection

    1999 Wookiee Awards
         ·Sketch of the Year
         ·FX/Stunt Sequence of the Year - The Lightsaber Battle
         ·Best Supporting Actor - Warren Blyth
         ·Blooper of the Year - Alan punched in the head by Warren
         ·Blooper of the Year - Charlie's Angels


    This is an odd one to classify. I like the way it introduces the characters for the 'second Jedi trilogy', and I loved Warren's performance (KShawn, Carrie and Jackson were also good). But then, looking at it now, it's pretty much out-done in every way by part 5. The directing, writing, and fighting were all better in part 5. Though, I liked the fog machine gimmick, and some of the shots of the fight scene are good. But overall, within the context of the trilogy, it's merely a good start.
    -Alan Winston

  • Lots of typical Jedi fight injuries arose during this production, heads were slapped, hands were lightsabered, and so on....

  • The original cast of this movie was much different, actually. Brock Jacks originated the Jedi Master role, and Karissa McGahen was going to play an apprentice to Jackson's character. Unfortunately after 3 or 4 shoots where the pair didn't show up, some drastic (and fateful) changes were made. Brock was replaced with Warren, and Carrie's character was changed to become the main villan of the series. Both moves worked out incredibly well, and both characters have become integral parts of the series. (Ironically, Warren hates playing his Jedi character and is now stuck with it as his most popular acting performance...)

  • The apprentice, master & knight

    Finias Pokewicz

    Murray J. Bandameer

    The Jedi vs Sith master battle

    Wilhelmina Tamerlane

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