First Appearance: Delusions of Grandeur ep20: The Wookiee Awards
Last Appearance: Karate Pate` 2
TPR: 110.5   Top25: #4

One of the most acclaimed actors to work with Bravado, Clarissa and her group of friends were recruited out of South Albany High School in mid 1998. They made their first appearance at the first Wookiee Awards and were soon made co-hosts of the show. Clarissa also teamed with Renee to produce segments for Delusions, notably Canon in D and When Milk Goes Bad. After Renee moved away, Clarissa then teamed with Alan to create movies like Rocky the Adventure Dog, The Playa, and Sight and Sound. But she was an actor first and foremost, and her portrayals of the sarcastic Allie in Dead Air, the calculating, emotionless Jedi Assassin in The Jedi 5, and the scheming, unscrupulous Sylvia Taylor in Perfection Isn't Easy are all well-known. She was also awarded the 2001 REwind movie award for best actress for her performance in Perfection. Unfortunately, as she was preparing to begin shooting her feature producing / directing / writing / starring / etc. debut, The Crossways, events arose that concluded with her no longer being a welcome member of the group. Sadly, her unceremonious exit from Bravado is what she has become best known for.


2001 REwind Movie Awards
     ·Best Actress - Perfection Isn't Easy
1999 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Actor (episode) - Delusions of Grandeur ep29: The Superior Race
     ·Best Writer (episode) - Delusions of Grandeur ep29: The Superior Race
     ·Best Supporting Actor (sketch) - Dead Air
     ·Best New Cast/Crewmember

2000 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Actor (sketch) - Perfection Isn't Easy
     ·Best Actor (episode) - Delusions of Grandeur ep55: The End part 1
     ·Best Director (sketch) - When Milk Goes Bad
     ·Best Writer (sketch) - When Milk Goes Bad
     ·Best Writer (episode) - Delusions of Grandeur ep40: The Fourth Film Festival
     ·Best Supporting Actor (sketch) - The Jedi part 5
1999 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Director (sketch) - Canon in D
     ·Best Writer (sketch) - Born of Man and Woman

Sylvia Taylor
Perfection Isn't Easy

Dead Air

The Jedi Assassin
The Jedi part 5: The Jedi Council

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