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A 'visual haiku' created by Alan for an editing class, this movie features shots from the beach in Hawaii looking towards Oregon intercut with shots of the beach in Oregon looking in the opposite direction. It all ends with short burst of energy (also known as Hawaiian fireworks). An experiment in time and color, mostly...

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    2004 Le Itisness Cinemathon
         ·Festival Selection


    Um, this one isn't one of my favorites. I'm usually not into the whole poetry jam thing, so I actually edited the whole movie before coming up with the words (completely the opposite of the intention of the assignment). I didn't really think too much about them - hence the title of the movie (IE signifying nothing). But perhaps subconciously there is more to it than I intended. Either way, it's short and well-edited so yay.
    -Alan Winston

  • While taping his cousins lighting off fireworks in Hawaii, Alan was handed a roman candle sort of thing. Someone in the factory must have been trying to play a joke on whoever lit this particular firework, because it immediately exploded with the charge of a quarter-stick of dynamite. People came running thinking we were firing off shotguns. Alan had a bit of ringing in the ear, and his cousin suffered a slight burn on one of his feet from the explosion. Everyone decided they had had enough of fireworks for the night after that...

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