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TMR: 6

Beggar-Man, Villa Girl and Kid Thief are a motley crew of kung-fu heroes that only have one nemesis: the evil Peggy Lee Blackwidow-Flattenbush. AKA a mask on a stick. When Peggy appears in town again, our heroes head out for a final confrontation - a big, surreal, colorful fight / dance to the death.

Full Credits

1999 Wookiee Awards
     ·Best Actor - Carrie Davis
1999 Wookling Awards
     ·Best Performance by an Inanimate Object - Peggy Lee Blackwidow-Flattenbush
     ·Best Dance Sequence


This was a fun one to do, and actually came about in an editor conversation between KShawn, Carrie, and myself. We basically all wanted to do a kung-fu movie, but decided to do the most bizarre version of it we could.
-Alan Winston

  • Nothing terribly bad happened during the shoot, except that we managed to choose the hottest day of the year to shoot an outdoor fight scene. The cast moved inside to the air-conditioned studio and did the rest of the fight scene in chroma-key...
  • Originally Chrissy Slayden was going to play the role of Peggy, but didn't show up for the shoot. So, the mask on a stick idea was used.

  • There was an original cut of the movie that was longer, and included more of the script - Alan actually had lines in the original. It was always believed that Shawn had accidentally taped over this original version, and that it was lost forever. But in 2002, a VHS backup of this original version was discovered. It was promptly digitally remastered and included as a bonus at the end of Vicious Circle.

  • Kid Thief, Beggar-Man, & Villa-Girl

    Peggy Lee Blackwidow-Flattenbush

    Beggar-Man is shot

    Villa-Girl on the attack

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