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TMR: 10

After waking from a nightmare in which he is drowning, a man sees a shadowy figure at the foot of his bed. That figure is himself. When he tries to escape his bad dream, he ends up plunging further into his dream world, so far that he loses all touch with reality. Shot on super-8 ektachrome and hand-spliced, this short film was the second Bravado movie of its kind. It also features original sound effects courtesy Alan's kitchen appliances...

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    2013 Mid-Valley Film Festival
         ·Festival Selection
    2004 Le Itisness Cinemathon
         ·Festival Selection
    2004 Elsinore Film Festival
         ·Festival Selection


    ...Waldow was a trooper - when I realized that he hadn't gotten the email describing what the part entailed, he was already in the tub. Overall, pretty much everything from a technical standpoint, from the lighting to the soundtrack to the effects were great....
    -Alan Winston

    Expanded Commentary

  • Not life-threatening, but Waldow had to spend a good amount of time in Warren's supposedly not-so-clean tub. It put Waldow in a foul mood the rest of the shoot, where he used the word odious to describe the working conditions.

  • The original script for this movie was created for an earlier project, and was much more comedic in tone. Preproduction for that script wasn't completed in time, though, and Hollywood Action Film was shot in its place.
  • A special technique was used to create reverse shots for the film. Unfortunately, they both gummed up the projector and didn't look all that much different from the forwards backup shots, which were used insteasd.

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