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This is a very personal piece that Alan assembled, as part of a semi-documentary type of project. He created it shortly after the death of his grandfather. Using a combination of footage he shot while in Hawaii for the funeral, video he had shot on previous trips, and a discovered collectiion of videos his grandfather had shot, he explores his relationship with his grandfather, and tries to uncover what traits he, his sister and his cousins inherited. It also tries to get to the root of why Alan makes movies in the first place, and tries to find a family link that may explain why he does what he does.

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This one's still hard to talk about, nearly two years after the fact. It was certainly one of the hardest things I've ever had to edit. Peoples' reactions to the movie are generally pretty interesting. Most find it to start out completely depressing, but it slowly transitions into something uplifting and almost happy. That was kind of the intention of the construction of the piece. So, I suppose it did what I wanted it to. For me and for the viewers.
-Alan Winston

  • Based on the response to the movie, and the discovery of even more relevant video and audio tape, an extended edition of this movie is in the works.

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