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The very first finished Bravado Entertainment film, this was a project created by Alan and his partner Adi Mishra for a class at the NW Film Center. It's a short, silly film that makes fun of the Hollywood filmmaking process (or is it making fun of the people who make fun of said process? Hmm...). It takes an 'instructional movie' approach, showing the six steps to creating a Hollywood Action Film. The ingedients apparently include a Neo-esque protagonist, a hammy antagonist, the Fonz, home run pies, and a talking frog. The movie is also notable for marking Leo Wink's second return to the group after a long disappearance, and the Kurt Loyd produced and directed 'Amateur Action Video', a documentary following the first day of filming.

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    2013 Mid-Valley Film Festival
         ·Festival Selection
    2004 Elsinore Film Festival
         ·Festival Selection


    Film sure can be frustrating. Heh. But seriously, this was a lot of fun to work on, and I learned a lot about shooting and editing super 8. Like the proper use of a grey card. All technical issues aside (it is our first film, and cameraman Adi's first movie period), it's an amusing little project with a strange sense of humor. The class seemed to really enjoy it. My favortie parts are the Fonz's intro, and the talking frog. Which surprisingly few people laugh at. It's a talking frog, what's not funny about that? Huh?
    -Alan Winston

  • Nearly all of the movie was reshot after everything filmed during the first day was accidentally underexposed.
  • Other shots here and there were dropped completely, but no major scenes or sequences were axed.

  • The Fonz takes aim.


    The antagonist runs to
    the MacGuffin.

    Why the Frog.

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